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10 Seconds to Zen (post 5)

Rhapsodomancy (in honor of National Poetry Month) Go. Go now to your bookshelf (do you have one in your home or office? I sure hope so.).  Quickly glance at your books of poetry or literature, and pick the first one you find (no more than 5 seconds) Close your eyes (6).  Open the book to… Continue reading 10 Seconds to Zen (post 5)


Love this Site…

Here is a great site if you are interested in acquiring Tarot cards or other divination sets. Llewellyn Worldwide Something to think about for 2010! (and as we make our way to 2012 divination is sure to become more popular since humans seem to need symbolism in their life.  I am feeling a bit Jungian… Continue reading Love this Site…


There are no accidents

I like divination, but I don't believe in divining the future. You can't see what's coming even with the greatest deck of Tarot cards. Perhaps there are those out there who can see glimpses of the future with open senses, but that is very special and is not usually consistent (of course, this is my… Continue reading There are no accidents