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Sweet Dreams in the New Year

Sweet Dreams (36 Bedtime Wishes) by Cooper Edens and Sheryl Abrams

Happy New Year to everyone!  On to a smashing-good 2010! 🙂

Sometimes the best divination is simple.  Pulling one card from any kind of deck can be magical and/or medicinal.  It all depends on if you are the type of person, like me, who seeks symbolism in everything.

After a NYE dream of thousands of spiders crawling my bedroom walls only to see them fly (yes, fly) away– I thought pulling a card from my eldest son’s deck of bedtime wishes would be the way to earn a more peaceful sleep.  Though my friends do tell me the dream was probably a sign of things that will resolve themselves…I am not taking chances tonight.  😉

The message on the back of the card pulled (see pic above) reads:

The lightning and thunder,

They go and they come;

But the stars and the mystery

Are always at home.

–George MacDonald

Quite nice, I think.  Perhaps I could make a lullaby out of that, or in the very least, put it under my pillow.

Sweet dreams and may this year be beautiful and prosperous to you!