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10 Seconds to Zen (post 5)

Rhapsodomancy (in honor of National Poetry Month) Go. Go now to your bookshelf (do you have one in your home or office? I sure hope so.).  Quickly glance at your books of poetry or literature, and pick the first one you find (no more than 5 seconds) Close your eyes (6).  Open the book to… Continue reading 10 Seconds to Zen (post 5)

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What’s Magic Anyway?

  What is magic anyway? Is it only the unseen? My eldest son is of the age that the unseen is almost always a magical event. The older I get the more inclined I am to agree with him. Magic. Yes, it can be more soothing and yet more scary. Science as an attempt to… Continue reading What’s Magic Anyway?

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Summer Magic: Books are Medicine

Even though we couldn't travel anywhere this summer, we did manage to have a lot of great 'day-cations' to various places around the southland. I think we went more places as a family this summer than any other one prior to it, but we just didn't stay long and we had repeat trips to some… Continue reading Summer Magic: Books are Medicine