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What Do You Seek?

What you seek is seeking you.

I have been attracted to this quote attributed to the 13th century Persian Sufi poet Rumi since my 20s. It makes a lot of sense since I am a medievalist at heart. But I’m a lot older now and feeling impatient at the transitions I face in life.

But what is it that I seek? And what do you seek? Is it comfort, love, money, or status? The meaning of life, your purpose? All I know is that the paradox of the quote has me all tangled up in a loop because if you seek it and it seeks you- it’s like the prophecy in Harry Potter: neither one can live while the other survives. The resistance of opposites feels like an infinite loop.

I do have a mystic’s inclination, but at the end of the day, I want to feel like I can get grounded and not experience the infinity wrapped up in the spell of Rumi’s words. I would like to connect with what I seek. It’s time to create a new affirmation: I already have what I seek within me.

random thoughts

My Medieval Name

Ok I saw that someone wanted to get to a medieval word generator and found this site, so I thought– cool, that’s random.  Which is pretty neato because I have always been into medieval things– so much so that my undergrad degree is in medieval/renaissance studies (italian if you must know).  However, I have a penchant for medieval Japan and just LOVE the Golden Age of Islam.  But back to the medieval words…I found this quiz for medieval ‘names’:

Your medieval name is: Magdalen. Out of conformity and inducing sexual meaning, you’re seductive and passionate, silent until spoken to and only violet when provoked. Gorgeous and mysterious, you’ve got it all.

But then I found this generator that you click on the gender and it randomly gives you a name.

Here are my results:


Male: ODON CROMWELL [wow, isn’t that a name for a tyrant?!]

cool now I am ready to do some RPGs…;-)