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Welcome 2015!

When asked to review this year (beyond what WP said about my blogging habits), I am at a loss for appropriate words.  I could describe this year in some annoying hashtags: #exhausting #neverenoughtime #workaholicdaze #imperfectparenting #perimenopausalproblemsandallthatjazz (read: the really serious stuff never makes it to a hashtag either).  But who wants to read/hear about those… Continue reading Welcome 2015!


Welcoming the Bee (2014)

Welcome 2014!  I am happy to have 2013 behind me.  The last half of the year was a tumultuous mess of workaholism coupled with the inability to get rid of the emotional bogeyman (men) who are ever-present beside me.  Get thee behind me and away from here! 🙂  That said, as I was making fresh… Continue reading Welcoming the Bee (2014)

random thoughts

Bring on 2012

It has finally arrived.  The last day of 2011.  For some it has been anticipated like the end of a great bout with influenza.  For others, it will be sad to let go of a year.  It is always interesting to watch children as they deal with the 'letting go' of things and ideas.  Ideas… Continue reading Bring on 2012

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Sweet Dreams in the New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!  On to a smashing-good 2010! 🙂 Sometimes the best divination is simple.  Pulling one card from any kind of deck can be magical and/or medicinal.  It all depends on if you are the type of person, like me, who seeks symbolism in everything. After a NYE dream of thousands of… Continue reading Sweet Dreams in the New Year