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10 Seconds to Zen…

Peace finds us if we prepare the way for it. Peace, or a sense of calm/Zen had always eluded me as a child and younger adult. I used to think finding it was going to be outside my skill set-- reserved for the wiser, more patient folks. I always had hope though-- and that may… Continue reading 10 Seconds to Zen…

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It’s that time of year, when…

I realize that I am happy.  The weather bobs and dips like a fisher's boat along with the tide.  Aromas glide in through the cracked window, warm and cozy: onion, sage and spice. It is a crazy time of year for me (work), but I still attempt to stop and focus on what moves me:… Continue reading It’s that time of year, when…

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The Pleasures of Summer

Colors are part of the fabric of who I am. Ask anyone and they will tell you I have a plethora of special gel ink purple pens in assorted nib sizes, my office is painted a lux Caribbean blue, and I wear jewel tones as often as I can.   That said, I truly enjoy… Continue reading The Pleasures of Summer

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Gradually, then Suddenly Everything Changes

The traffic slow down, the rubber band of cars moving slower and slower, and then the final slam on the breaks. Everything halts. Or waiting at the car dealer is first gradual, no problem, the ebbs and flows of excitement and anxiety swirling as one, and then energy suddenly gone. Too much and then deal… Continue reading Gradually, then Suddenly Everything Changes


Really Random Poetry (for the end of April)

It is almost the end of the National Poetry Month already!  I have written in snippets here or there.  I have blogged (just barely), and mostly been immersed in baseball and middle school spring craziness (to quote my aunt, 'when everyone has left their senses!').  So here is a shot in the arm:  A really… Continue reading Really Random Poetry (for the end of April)

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Big Poetry Giveaway 2013

Yes, It is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! 🙂  I so love this month. Don't get me wrong, I love many other months as well.  At the end of this April, however, I will be giving away TWO books of poetry.  I will ship them to the winners (selected by the random list generator at in… Continue reading Big Poetry Giveaway 2013

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Musings on a Rainy Day

I learned some things while on my 12 day jury duty stint: 1. People only tell their version of the truth, which may include a lot of lies. 2. The waiting is the hardest part. 3. Food is a great balm. 4. Violet's Cakes cupcakes are worth every penny. 5. There is nothing like hot… Continue reading Musings on a Rainy Day


Fall Daze

The Daze of Fall is upon me. We have decorated for fall/Halloween, we have all gotten sick with our first cold and/or allergies, and it is that time in which (at work) there is no downtime. It is football season, but this year not basketball season (sadly). I have been thinking a lot about the… Continue reading Fall Daze

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August Postcards

            I was feeling a bit spontaneous last week and I signed up for a poetry postcard festival in August at Concrete Wolf.  The deal is you get a list of names (randomly generated) of those who have signed up to receive postcards.  In order to receive a postcard with… Continue reading August Postcards

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Slave to Randomness

Am I a slave to the randomness of this internet age? I can't help myself, but over at Tumblr I love the random photos that roll on my dashboard. Of course, I helped guide the random selection with interests (art, photography, travel, places, medieval history, etc) and it is a visual polyphony of soma. Soothing… Continue reading Slave to Randomness