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Feels Like Summer: Book Haul 2023

It has been a few years since I posted my summer TBR pile of books. This year I claim the Summer of Reading for me. This is the first summer in 15 years I will not have to work all the way through. From 2007-2022, I was a middle school director, which meant I did… Continue reading Feels Like Summer: Book Haul 2023

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Gradually, then Suddenly Everything Changes

The traffic slow down, the rubber band of cars moving slower and slower, and then the final slam on the breaks. Everything halts. Or waiting at the car dealer is first gradual, no problem, the ebbs and flows of excitement and anxiety swirling as one, and then energy suddenly gone. Too much and then deal… Continue reading Gradually, then Suddenly Everything Changes

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Summer Reading 2017 (Yay!)

The pile of summer reads is here! I have been curating and choosing what I want to read for the last month or so, and now it is ready! This is just in time since I take vacation next week. Curl up. Lay out. Drink a summer beverage (most likely iced coffee). Read. Repeat.  I… Continue reading Summer Reading 2017 (Yay!)

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Summer Reading 2016– A year gone by

As I sit and write this I cannot really believe that we have been housesitting for a year.  It has been a journey, to say the least.  We have been comfortable here, and there were some difficult moments (like the cat dying on our watch!), but all in all it has taught us to live… Continue reading Summer Reading 2016– A year gone by

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Summer Reading List (Redux)

After all that I am not even reading anything from the list I posted last week.  It is probably not surprising to most of you experienced lurkers out there.  Most of what we see online is a 'curated' image of people.  What I post of my life follows this philosophy too.  There are so many… Continue reading Summer Reading List (Redux)

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Summer Reading List 2013

It's July already.  I am on a vacation of sorts that includes tutoring a high school freshman as he works through his summer reading.   This summer a lot of what I am reading will be for others.  However, I love reading so no matter.  The first on my list is PURELY for pleasure: The… Continue reading Summer Reading List 2013

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Summer Reading List

It's that time again!  Sometimes I wonder if I was drawn to a career in education simply due to the fact that summer meant a slower pace and a huge pile of books to read!  Now that I am mostly an administrator, it means that I don't get the long teacher time off, but I… Continue reading Summer Reading List