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Full Moon Reading


Cards for a full-moon.  Past/Present/Future…what do the cards say on a rainy, gloomy day?  Remember where you came from. No matter how hard it gets, you are never alone.  In the future you can rise above petty emotions and delight in the abundance of your relationships.  I like this message.  Nice to have the coincidences of the universe help you out in times of need. 😉  Although I just read this story about putting books (literally, millions of books) into a strand of DNA…and I have no words, except to say as the circle of our knowledge gets larger, all that we don’t know gets more expansive too.  The mind boggles.

daily draw

Tree Tarot






I found this tarot deck quite accidentally (one might say– randomly…). while looking for something specific on Etsy.  I am attracted to this deck for some known and not so known reasons.  If you have someone on your gift list that is hard to buy for and likes items of the metaphysical nature, this could be it.  Seriously.

Or maybe I should just put it on my Christmas list!  😉



Be Careful What you Ask

The other day I thought it would be cool to do a Tarot reading following a spread I saw through the Llewellyn site. It is called the Goddess Archetype spread. I thought it would be fun…there are nine cards in total and each one represents a type of female archetype: Mother, Virgin, Siren, Wise Woman, Hag…you get the idea. Cool, right? Sure. Until you realize that some of the truth is going to be very un-pretty in a Greek tragedy type of way. 

Even with the bad news and the ugly truth that the first card told me I “nurture fear, anxiety, and need for control” as a mother– it was still rather fun and turned out to be a very accurate read of who I am — warts and all.  I liked it…but beware all ye who enter the reading:  it can be hard to look in the mirror.

Um, and the picture above is my way of posting an archetype image– only with three boys in the house, I am rather short on evidence of the female archetypes, so the Darth Vader shirt will have to do. 😉

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Partly Cloudy…

Feeling Zen

Woke up this morning and shopped at Whole Foods for veg and Kefir (goat’s milk, that is).  Went to woman’s workshop and studied “movement” that I would do willingly as opposed to that which I might have to will myself to do.  Sigh…not much of anything comes to mind.  I despise all activities that are formal exercise.  However, while there, the teacher had a table with a deck of Tarot cards face down and spread around a vase.  I couldn’t help but want to pull from them.  So I did…hey, that was a willing movement! 😉

I pulled The High Priestess (abandon illusion and ignorance) in a deck I do not know the name of.  The back of the card had tiger and jungle illustrations…if anyone knows which deck that was please let me know!

Following this session, I went home straight to the taco truck outside our condo (yum), went to my parents for a pre-Easter celebration so my kids could be treated to gifts from their grandparents and then, the cherry on top of it all…we went out AGAIN as a family! Wow!  For those of you who know me– you know this is UNHEARD of!  We took our kids to see a friend of ours in a band (Artificial Reality) open for a fundraising event for Autism.

We are home now, boys in bed…I am writing this entry, and then, I will (willingly) write some poetry…because it is National Poetry Month and I am doing the Poem-a-Day challenge (which, in my opinion, is WAY easier than the NANOWRIMO challenge).  Last night I wrote an Angry Bunny poem.  That was fun!  Tonight’s prompt is makes you use “Partly” as the opener.  I think it was a partly cloudy day.  I wonder what that will turn up tonight.

Happy Spring and/or Easter or whatever you may celebrate!


Love this Site…

Feluca on Nile (by M. Swanson)

Here is a great site if you are interested in acquiring Tarot cards or other divination sets.

Llewellyn Worldwide

Something to think about for 2010! (and as we make our way to 2012 divination is sure to become more popular since humans seem to need symbolism in their life.  I am feeling a bit Jungian tonight).

Peace be with you tonight (and all nights)!